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Bringing the Gospel Home

Bringing the Gospel Home

Sharing the gospel with a family member can be an exciting experience—and often a long, painful, and confrontational one. Randy Newman recognizes it can be more difficult and frustrating to witness to a family member than to nearly anyone else. In Bringing the Gospel Home, he delivers practical and holistic strategies to help ordinary Christians engage family members, and others, on topics of faith.

A messianic Jew who has led several family members to Christ, Newman urges Christians to look to the Bible before they evangelize. He writes, ‘a richer understanding of biblical truth, I have found, can provide a firmer foundation for bold witness and clear communication.’ After a brief introduction on the nature of family, he delves into discussions of grace, truth, love, humility, and time. He also addresses issues related to eternity and end–of–life conversations. Bringing the Gospel Home will help any Christian who is seeking to guide loved ones into God’s family.


‘Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with our closest relatives and friends is something we naturally care passionately about, but it is also a task we often feel most ill–equipped for. Randy Newman has done the church a great service by writing such clear, empathetic, helpful and Biblical advice on a topic so many of us struggle with.’
Steven Stanton, Friends International Staff Worker

‘Newman has challenged and charmed lay audiences as a plenary speaker at apologetics conferences sponsored by the Evangelical Philosophical Society. His approach to evangelism is a wonderful blend of thoughtful faith and deep compassion for people. You will be inspired by his insights.’
William Lane Craig, author of A Reasonable Faith