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One to One

Even in churches where the Bible is central, so much time in what is labelled ‘fellowship’ is wasted on trivia. So many friendships between mature Christians never go deeper than exchanging prayer needs or rather general evangelical platitudes.

Here’s a radical thought: why not open the Bible together and make our relationships grow, in the very best sense? That is the simple premise of this pearl of a book.

It is all about one ordinary Christian meeting up with another ordinary Christian to read the Bible together. The book makes a great case for the value of such ministry, whether on campus or in a local church, and includes many first–hand–experience accounts of those who have engaged in ‘one–to–ones’. More to the point, it explores the what, where, when and how of the business and addresses some of the pitfalls. 

The writer is evidently experienced in the field and gives valuable practical advice about where to start. All in all, it makes the reader want to get up and go find someone to read the Bible with. That can only be good.