Karen Moody

To begin with I played devil’s advocate during each chat my boyfriend, John, and I had about the existence of God and I tended to argue the case for the non-existence of God.

As time passed it became clear that his faith was established, if weak, and frankly getting in the way of progress in our relationship! I challenged him to investigate what it was he felt he believed and so he suggested an Alpha course as the first step. I decided I would do the course too to help draw a close to the whole matter in both our minds. There was much talk of going our separate ways at this point, we had been together for five years and had clearly reached a crossroads.

It was suggested by John’s parents that we go along to St Helen’s Bishopsgate and look into what courses they were running. A Christianity Explored course was due to start a week after. John went in to make enquiries and he enrolled us both. After three of the eight sessions, I began to feel surprised that I had not looked into the Bible sooner in my life. The clarity and certainty with which the writers of the gospels describe who Jesus is and why He was born amazed me and, as a sceptic, the sheer number of eye witness accounts surprised me most. As the weeks passed I became more and more certain that what I was reading was a true account of someone’s life. Someone who, little known to me before that point, had the power to change my life beyond all recognition.

Both John and I finished the CE course and within a couple of weeks were convicted of the truth of the gospel of Jesus and became Christians. The couple of weeks that passed were, at times, an agonising period of questioning all that had once been at the centre of my life. John and I shared our experience of finding the truth and it became clear that this had brought us closer than anything we had experienced beforehand. We knew that our relationship could not work in the same way as it had done before we became Christians and so after a lot of prayer, we married – just six weeks later- and now have two children.